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Polk County athletes to compete in the 2013 Florida International Senior Games & State Championships

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Over 1,650 athletes will compete in the 23 sports of the 2013 Florida International Senior Games & State Championships in Lee County, December 7-15.

Over 130 athletes from Polk County  will be competing in 16 sports.  Among the athletes from Polk County are 42 bowlers who will compete Saturday, December 7 and Sunday, December 8 at Pin Street in Fort Myers.

A complete list of athletes from Polk County is included below.

The 22nd Annual Florida Senior Games State Championships returns to Lee County for the 2013 and 2014 Games.  The 2006-10 Championships were held in Lee County.

Also returning for the 2013 Games is the Florida Blue Celebration of Athletes, to be held, Saturday, December 14 at the Florida Blue Center at Coconut Point Mall in Estero.  Over 900 athletes and guests expected to attend. Olympic Gold Medal-winning Swimmer Rowdy Gaines, a native of Winter Haven, will serve as the Master of Ceremonies for the Celebration.

The Celebration will be an inter-generational, explosive event for athletes, their family and friends, and people of all ages. The Celebration of Athletes is free and will include vendors, entertainment, Athlete of the Year presentations and more.

The Florida International Senior Games & State Championships is an Olympic-style Sports Festival for athletes age 50 and over.  For many of the 23 sports, athletes are required to qualify in their sport at one Florida’s 19 Local Senior Games events held from January through November.

Athletes from 27 states, Canada and Puerto Rico, have registered including the Games oldest competitor, 99-year old James Kales, of Bonita Springs.  Kales is registered to compete in Bowling, Tennis and Track & Field. 12 former Athletes of the Year returning to compete in the 2013 Florida International Senior Games & State Championships.

Competing alongside Senior Games athletes will be 76 Sunshine State Games Powerlifters, on Saturday, December 14, at the Bay Oaks Recreation Center in Fort Myers Beach.  Athletes of all ages will be in competition Saturday and Senior Games athletes, age 50 and over, compete on Sunday, December 15.

The Florida International Senior Games & State Championships is a presentation of the Florida Sports Foundation, the state’s lead sports promotion and development organization, held in conjunction with Lee County Sports Development.

For the latest information on the Games including a calendar of events, individual sport schedules and results, visit www.flasports.com.  Also Follow the Games on Facebook.


Archery, Rick Hardman, Lakeland

Archery, Henry Pierce, Auburndale

Archery, Frank Gandy, Bartow

Basketball 3 On 3, Billy  Bennett, Auburndale

Basketball 3 On 3, George Tinsley, Winter Haven

Basketball 3 On 3, James McGee, Winter Haven

Basketball 3 On 3, Randy  Blankenship, Winter Haven

Basketball 3 On 3, Rick Reass, Winter Haven

Basketball 3 On 3, Scott  Woodward, Winter Haven

Basketball 3 On 3, Steve McDermeit, Winter Haven

Basketball 3 On 3, Jack  Dykxhoorn, Lake Wales

Basketball Shooting, Glenn Boetcher, Lakeland

Basketball Shooting, Pat Arrigo, Lakeland

Basketball Shooting, William (Gene) Reagan, Lakeland

Basketball Shooting, Ronald Becton, Lakeland

Basketball Shooting, Richard Douglass, Davenport

Basketball Shooting, Reynolds Garland, Frostproof

Basketball Shooting, Rick Leipply, Lake Wales

Basketball Shooting, Claudette Braswell, Lake Wales

Billiards, William Lawrence, Lakeland

Billiards, Ben Davis, Winter Haven

Billiards, Jeffry Ling, Winter Haven

Bowling, Betty Hall, Lakeland

Bowling, Everett Rieck, Lakeland

Bowling, James Hurrle, Lakeland

Bowling, Donald  Smith, Lakeland

Bowling, Irene Watson, Lakeland

Bowling, John  Rolfe, Lakeland

Bowling, Pam Sprow, Lakeland

Bowling, Ralph Blackford, Lakeland

Bowling, Stan Sprow, Lakeland

Bowling, Stephanie Floss, Lakeland

Bowling, Marty Fleischer, Lakeland

Bowling, S. Diane Downey, Lakeland

Bowling, Al Bottoms, Lakeland

Bowling, Barbara Gnegy, Lakeland

Bowling, Edward Doucette, Lakeland

Bowling, Janis Caffee, Lakeland

Bowling, Karen Doucette, Lakeland

Bowling, Lisa Polonczyk, Lakeland

Bowling, Thomas Polonczyk, Lakeland

Bowling, Dee Mixon, Bartow

Bowling, Gene Mixon, Bartow

Bowling, Jaime  Angulo, Bartow

Bowling, James Harrison, Jr., Bartow

Bowling, Pansy Shepard, Bartow

Bowling, Violet Bass, Bartow

Bowling, Daniel  Young, Kathleen

Bowling, Richard Coleman, Lake Alfred

Bowling, C W Prine, Mulberry

Bowling, Ida Mae Barber, Mulberry

Bowling, Robert Gibson, Winter Haven

Bowling, Roger Culp, Winter Haven

Bowling, John Ramsey, Winter Haven

Bowling, Linda Myer, Winter Haven

Bowling, Dean Tabbert, Winter Haven

Bowling, Jean Baldwin, Winter Haven

Bowling, Judith Enger, Winter Haven

Bowling, Patsy Tabbert, Winter Haven

Bowling, Virgil Enger, Winter Haven

Bowling, George Bullo, Lake Wales

Bowling – Team, John  Rolfe, Lakeland

Bowling – Team, Pam Sprow, Lakeland

Bowling – Team, Stephanie Floss, Lakeland

Bowling – Team, Barbara Gnegy, Lakeland

Bowling – Team, Delmas “AL” Bottoms, Lakeland

Bowling – Team, Diane Downey, Lakeland

Bowling – Team, Edward Doucette, Lakeland

Bowling – Team, Janis Caffee, Lakeland

Bowling – Team, Karen Doucette, Lakeland

Bowling – Team, Lisa Polonczyk, Lakeland

Bowling – Team, James Harrison, Jr., Bartow

Bowling – Team, Daniel  Young, Kathleen

Bowling – Team, Richard Coleman, Lake Alfred

Bowling – Team, Linda Myer, Winter Haven

Bowling – Team, Dean Tabbert, Winter Haven

Bowling – Team, Jean Baldwin, Winter Haven

Bowling – Team, Virgil Enger, Winter Haven

Bowling – Team, George Bullo, Lake Wales

Golf, Donald Richison, Lakeland

Golf, Robert Nebel, Lakeland

Golf, Wayne Colledge, Lakeland

Golf, Janet Brown, Lakleland

Golf, Carl Carroll, Lakeland

Golf, Kenneth.Kemp, Lakeland

Golf, Lionel Pepin, Lakeland

Golf, Richard Pepin, Lakeland

Golf, Bennie Boutwell, Lakeland

Golf, Bill  Brown, Lakeland

Golf, Reynolds Garland, Frostproof

Golf, Jimmy Hyatt, Lake Alfred

Golf, Ronald Fowlkes, Winter Haven

Horseshoes, Lionel Pepin, Lakeland

Horseshoes, Walter Chalfant, Mulberry

Horseshoes, Claudette Braswell, Lake Wales

Powerlifting, Nancy Georges, Lakeland

Powerlifting, Dennis Bishop, Winter Haven

Race Walk/Power Walk, Ted Sager, Winter Haven

Racquetball, Earl Black, Lakeland

Racquetball, Ken Drew, Winter Haven

Shuffleboard, David Martin, Lakeland

Shuffleboard, Henry  Armstrong, Lakeland

Shuffleboard, Linda Armstrong, Lakeland

Shuffleboard, Betty  Yerian, Lakeland

Shuffleboard, James Tredway, Lakeland

Shuffleboard, James Yerian, Lakeland

Shuffleboard, Jerry  Deren, Lakeland

Shuffleboard, Roy Packard, Lakeland

Shuffleboard, Pauline Murphy, Bartow

Swimming, Lisa Polonczyk, Lakeland

Swimming, Lowell D. Heneveld, Lakeland

Tennis, Laura Motis, Babson Park

Tennis, Sal Lopez, Lake Wales

Tennis, Jim Laffoon, Winter Haven

Tennis, Kirk Coffman, Winter Haven

Tennis, Aubrey Whitaker, Lake Wales

Tennis, Judi Whitaker, Lake Wales

Tennis, Susan Mcgill, Lake Wales

Track & Field, Frank Gerber, Lakeland

Track & Field, Jeffery Durden, Lakeland

Track & Field, William Benford, Lakeland

Track & Field, Ben Self, Lakeland

Track & Field, Martha Jenkins, Lakeland

Track & Field, Hank Beacom, Lakeland

Track & Field, Jerry Mobley, Auburndale

Track & Field, Herman Lofton, Eagle Lake

Track & Field, Karen Dickson, Mulberry

Track & Field, Carolyn Bolander, Winter Haven

Track & Field, William Morea, Winter Haven

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